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LLB Answered is a first-class set of law notes. Written by top law students and practising lawyers, it tells you what you really need to know for the LLB, and how to apply your knowledge. 

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Exam-focused, individual sets of notes to the Contract Law, Torts, Criminal Law, Public Law, Land Law, Equity and Trusts, and EU Law modules.

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Summarises over 2,000 cases from our Contract Law, Torts, Criminal Law, Public Law, Land Law, Equity and Trusts, and EU Law Core Guides.



A fresh approach to learning the law

Clear, concise explanations. Diagrams. Essay plans. Problem question structures. Case summaries. All regularly updated.

We know that law students are under a lot of pressure.

It's hard to cover all the material. It's even harder to properly apply what you've learned. Examiners want you to answer questions in a particular way - and we think you should know that too.

LLB Answered is here to help, with seven Core Guides to the key LLB modules and a Case Book summarising over 2,000 cases. Our study notes tell you what you really need to know. We cut through the waffle that lecturers and textbooks give you, and tell you how to apply your knowledge for exam success.


A great resource at a great price. Thank you.
— Kirstie on GDL Answered

For every stage of your studies

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The most efficient use of your time

Our GDL and LPC guides have been used by thousands of students. Because LLB Answered is new this year, we have included just a few of our many reviews from satisfied customers who have bought our GDL and LPC Answered products around this site.


About us

We've been selling law notes since 2012. We wrote our first set as law students because we knew we could do better than the notes that were available on the market. We've since gone on to qualify as solicitors at top firms, and continue to work with top students at a range of law schools to constantly update and rewrite our guides. You can find out more about us on our FAQs page.

We take pride in making sure our notes are the best on the market. If you're a top student and want to work with us, please get in touch via


The hardest part about studying law is learning to ‘work smart’ in addition to working hard. ... Answered cuts through the bull**** and gets to the heart of each topic. Thank you!
— Michelle on GDL Answered
The notes supplied were thoroughly detailed and excellently organised. The notes truly are of a distinction level quality. Because of these notes I managed to score a distinction
— Muhammad on LPC Answered